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Direct yet empathic.

Provocative and engaging. Results-Driven. Digital Marketer.

Writer. Speaker. Twitterer.


Melinda Byerley

I was born and educated in the Midwest, attended Graduate School in New York (Go Big Red!), and have lived in the Bay Area since 2002. If one is supposed to "live in Northern California, but leave before you get too soft," then I'm ruined for life. Personally, I blame the avocados. 

I founded a tech company to help marketers find software, and it failed. I then founded a second company, Timeshare CMO - and all the information about that company, and about my approach as a marketer, is on that website. This site is for my personal passion projects and hobbies as well as a place to keep a record of my thoughts and impressions as I continue a near two decades in technology. So don't hold anything I say here against my team: they're doing the best they can for our clients, and they have to live with me, too. 

I built my first computer almost 40 years ago and I haven't stopped working with or using them since. Technology is my passion, but so is writing, Tweeting, speaking, and learning. I like to play with brush lettering and bullet journaling. I have had ADHD since I was a child and I'm pretty open about that. I own a mini poodle with a weird health condition. I'm a freak about Travel. Like the proverbial box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get from this site.  

I host a brand new podcast called "Stayin' Alive In Tech." Check it out!

I use Medium, too, for lots of reasons, so you can find more there, too.