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  • Digital Marketing Channels 101/301

  • Twitter in the Age of Propaganda

  • Data Presentations No One Can Ignore

  • Virtual Team Management Lessons

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About Melinda Byerley

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Founder, Marketer, Veteran

Melinda Byerley is a serial entrepreneur and the founding partner of TimeshareCMO, a data-driven digital marketing consultancy based in San Francisco. Previously, she founded Vendorsi.com and was the CMO at Poll Everywhere, one of Y Combinator's top ten revenue generating startups. Melinda is a pioneer of growth marketing in Silicon Valley, where she's held marketing and e-commerce leadership roles at companies such as PlantSense (sold to Parrot), Linden Lab/Second Life (head of Virtual Goods, Virtual Currency, and Ad Sales), eBay, PayPal, and Checkpoint Software. Melinda's professional specialties are digital marketing strategy as well as marketing analytics, especially for campaign attribution. She is also a storyteller and content marketer who contributes to VentureBeat, GrowthHackers.com, The Growth Marketing Conference, and is a guest lecturer at Cornell University and Babson College. Melinda holds an MBA from Cornell University in Finance and a BFA in Drama from Illinois Wesleyan University. When she's not working, Melinda enjoys working on her podcast, "Stayin' Alive in Tech,"  speaking truth to power on Twitter (@mjb_sf), running, traveling, and writing;  both here on her blog, and on Medium.


As A Speaker

Too much data in a presentation, and you will most certainly lose your audience. Not enough? They may not trust your insights. But just the right amount presented in a way that listeners can infer what’s most important—and without boring them to tears—is just what you need to have listeners engaged and ensure your message is delivered. There’s an art to it. And Melinda understands that. Her talk on the presentation of data is one that’ll have you taking notes. Because almost certainly... we’ve been doing it wrong.
— Kimberly Barnes - Contentpark.co

As A Panel Moderator

I was on a panel that Melinda moderated and she did a great job prepping us beforehand as well as keeping the conversation moving throughout the panel in a thoughtful, interesting, and professional manner.
— Krista Seiden, Product Manager, Google Analytics

In The Classroom

Melinda is a guest speaker in my Digital Marketing class and speaks about strategic resource allocation across various marketing channels. Melinda has the remarkable ability to cut straight to the heart of issues and tell it like it is. The students love Melinda’s style, because it’s clear she means well for them, plus her cutting edge expertise is extremely valuable, especially for students with entrepreneurial aspirations. Here are some reactions from just a few of our students:
— Clarence Lee, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Cornell University
Melinda’s perspective on the customer acquisition funnel was very interesting to me. Her process... seemed very applicable to start-ups.
— Student, Cornell Tech MBA, NYC
Melinda was an excellent speaker...focused on real-life concerns of start-ups, as well as practical marketing strategies for start-ups that don’t have the same resources as big corporations.
— Student, Cornell Tech MBA, NYC