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5, okay 6, Books I Read And Liked In 2012

For Work:

I'm Feeling Lucky--Confessions of Google Employee #59

This poor guy made every mistake a non technical person can make in a startup. But it was still a fun read. The people who founded Google were really smart in a number of ways; and it's a good reminder of just how they got where they are. If you are non technical and thinking about making the leap into a startup, read this as a primer for what not to do.

For Fun:

Mike Holmes Make It Right  The reason my list is so short this year is that we renovated an apartment from the studs out.  We were committed to the beginning to high quality work, and Mike's book helped us to get there. A must read if you are considering any type of reno project.

Wild  Grieving, heroin shooting young woman endeavors to hike the Pacific Crest Trail in too small boots, with no training, and lives to tell the tale. Couldn't put it down.

Ready Player One The gamer girl in me, especially the one that was a kid in the 80s loved this Snow Crash meets Back To The Future mashup of a futuristic world. A totally fun ride I read through in two sittings over Christmas. If you are a child of the 80's and liked video games even a little bit, you'll enjoy this.

How to be a Woman  Rock critic Caitlin Moran is my new hero. Who else could write about abortion, feminism, Lady Gaga, and host of other sacred cows, with such humor and with such grace? Laughed out loud while nearly snapping my neck from nodding in agreement.

Gone Girl A wife's mysterious disappearance, told from the point of view of both husband and wife, which made it unique and kept me guessing. Read this in two sittings over Thanksgiving. Utterly unputdownable!

Bonus:  Three that I have started and liked, but will commit to finishing this year.

Game of Thrones Book 1  I know this is a huge hit, and I do like it, but it really seems to be taking me awhile to finish it.  I have 3 hours to go in the kindle for it, so maybe soon it will pick up!

Letters To a Young Contrarian  RIP Hitch. I'm making my way through his entire collection. His ideas make my head explode, so I like to savor them slowly rather than rushing through. Wish I'd discovered him 20 years ago.

The Founder's Dilemmas  Required reading for potential founders. Making my way through this as I think about the path for my own company someday.