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A new role for me

Last week, I started in a new role with Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life. In my new role I’ll be focusing on driving the land and virtual goods ecommerce marketplaces with a team of warm, funny, and amazingly brilliant Lindens, as they're called. I’m already having a blast meeting and learning from my fellow Lindens and together I know we will do some amazing things. I’m particularly happy that the team at Linden Lab is forward thinking enough to have an official “Blog Policy”, and that I will be able to continue to hone my blog skills, so long as I’m not commenting about Second Life or Linden Lab in a way that violates their common sense employee confidentiality rules.

So, please don’t look for commentary on Linden Lab strategy or business specifically here (not counting the occasional post about a new feature or announcement) or ask me to respond to any Resident facing issues in this forum. Please, respect what I’m trying to do, and don’t put my blog or job at risk: use the Second Life user forums and normal Resident Support normal channels located here if you need support.

Lastly, here is the required disclaimer: My blog is my opinion only; and does not in any way reflect the thoughts, opinions, beliefs, or strategy of the management team at Linden Lab, Second Life; or of any Linden, other than myself.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll keep trying to provide some value added thoughts.