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Amplifying the Awesome

Twitter has a lovely custom of the #FollowFriday (#FF) hashtag where Tweeters share the handles of other Tweeters people should check out. If you're new to social media, one way to make friends is to Amplify the Awesome.  This means seeking out new and unusual sources of links, humor, and advance from someone others may not know about. Anyone can retweet a NY Times article, but those who bring new voices to the table bring new wisdom for all.

In addition, when you amplify someone, you get their attention, and in some cases, a genuine follow. I make it a point to read the profile of everyone who retweets me, and follow those who have amplified me in return.

Who are you amplifying today? Today, it's my very funny friend Jennifer C who after having two children and a kick ass career as a brand manager, is starting her first blog, where she makes 1 pie a week for a year. She's just getting into social media. Won't you stop by her blog and check it out?

PS:  At the bottom of every post on this blog is the Shareaholic app that says:  "Sharing is Caring." I'd be grateful if you took 5 minutes today and amplified anything from my blog that you found awesome. Maybe a friend or two that could benefit from anything I've shared?

PPS:  I'll be on vacation for a few days starting tomorrow. So this blog will be quiet until Tuesday, January 15. But, I have a deep post on Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm queued up for next week. Stay tuned!